Rio de Janeiro – The Selaron Steps

Escadaria de Selaron (Selaron steps) is a world-famous artistic site in Rio de Janeiro. The tiled steps are the work of Jorge Selaron who created this space as tribute to the Brazilian people.

He shared his story on the tiles below.

Over the years, Jorge Selaron’s art received international recognition and his street art has become a major tourist attraction in Rio. His work was even featured in Brazil’s Olympic promotional video.

The Instagram location…
…but the stairs keep going and going.

While Selaron purchased many completed artistic tiles or had tiles donated by others, he used many of them as a canvas for his own paintings.

Selaron was found dead on his stairs at the age of 65. At last, his work was complete. Escadaria Selaron lives on as major attraction in Rio de Janerio.

Jorge Selaron

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Napa Valley – Yountville

Dinner was still a few hours away so I passed away some time on a sunny Napa Valley afternoon exploring the beautifully landscaped Yountville, California. Napa Valley has several small towns with fine shopping and dining options available. Yountville is one of them.

Earlier in the day, I spent some time at a winery – I have lost the name – just outside of Yountville. The wine was great but its grounds were spectacular to stroll through.

If you are ever planning a trip to San Francisco, consider adding a least a day for Napa Valley. It is about a 90-minute drive as long as you are careful to avoid San Francisco’s morning traffic. A Saturday or Sunday morning trip would be ideal. You might also consider staying in Napa and making several trips into San Francisco.